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Collage of Hallmark Mysteries

Hallmark Mysteries and More is the only podcast primarily dedicated to your favorite TV movies: Hallmark Mysteries!

If you are a fan of classic Hallmark Mysteries like Mystery 101, Signed, Sealed, Delivered, and Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, you will love how we keep them alive with ongoing discussions and debates. We talk in-depth about your favorite characters and break down episodes. Like how the hell did the end Mystery 101 on a cliffhanger? Is Travis dead? What happened between Amy and Travis?

If you have become a recent fan of mysteries and enjoy the new Hallmark Mysteries like Nikki DeLoach and Andrew Walker’s The Curious Caterer or Hunter King and Rhiannon Fish as Nikki and Nora, Sister Sleuths, we still have you covered with reviews of all the new mysteries. 

We interview not only the stars of your favorite mysteries but also the talent behind the scenes, such as writers, customer designers, and Hallmark executives, that help make Hallmark Mysteries great. 

And, of course, we share the Hallmark lifestyle. We create custom cocktails inspired by the mysteries and characters. We discuss fashion and let you know how you can look as dapper as Oliver O’Toole or as smart as Amy Winslow. And last but not least, we will share recipes to impress your family and friends with your cooking skills as if you are The Gourmet Detective or The Curious Caterer.

Come aboard and let’s have fun! New episodes drop every Thursday. 

**This podcast was created by fans for fans and is NOT affiliated with or sponsored by Hallmark or the Hallmark Channel.**

Your Co-hosts


Sydney Rowland lives the Hallmark dream. She brings a sense of style and flair to the podcast. She enjoys The star’s fashion and the scene’s decor as much as the movie’s mystery. 

She first got hooked on Hallmark by watching with her Grandmother. Her favorite Hallmark Mystery is Aurora Teagarden. She loves Ro’s collection of sweaters, especially her Cardigans. 

Eric Rutin

Eric Rutin has been clinically diagnosed as a Hallmark Mysteries addict. The only cure is for him to co-host this podcast to save his family and friends from his constant chatter about the latest movie or his favorite mystery, The Gourmet Detective

As with many Hallmark Mystery addicts, he got his start with Mystery 101, and it quickly grew until his DVR was filled with recordings of all the mystery marathons and spilled over into a subscription to Hallmark Now so he could watch all the old series like Flower Shop Mysteries and Darrow & Darrow.

As an influencer in the Hallmark community, Eric brings a behind-the-scenes knowledge of Hallmark news as well as expertise in the classic Hallmark Mysteries. 

Eric Rutin is a Hallmark Mysteries fan

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