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The untold story of Mystery 101 Episode 8 is revealed.

John Christian Plummer and Travis and Amy from Mystery 101

Why was Amy Engaged? What Happened Between Her and Travis? What was their future?

How could Mystery 101 end with so many questions unanswered?

John Christian Plummer answers those questions and many more as he shares the story behind never-to-be-produced Episode 8 of Mystery 101 exclusively with Hallmark Mysteries and More.

We discussed what the fates of Travis and Amy would have been, answered the questions behind the cliffhanger ending of Deadly History, and outlined the mystery of the episode. 

In addition, we discussed how many of the teachings of SGI Buddhism, such as nothing ever ends, acceptance, and resiliency, can help fans of Mystery 101 deal with the grief they are feeling over the cancellation of the series.

About SIG Buddhism

If you are interested in learning more about SGI Buddhism, John Christian Plummer’s son narrates this excellent overview. 

What is Next?

While fans of Mystery 101 are disappointed that the show has run its course and there won’t be any more adventures of Travis and Amy (and Graham!), we should also be excited for what the future brings. 

There new episodes of Hannah Swensen (Murder She Baked) (Alison Sweeney, Cameron Mathison, and Barbara Niven) and The Curious Caterer (Nikki Deloach, Andrew Walker, and Jaycie Dotin) coming out in then next couple of months.

There are two new promising mysteries The Jane Mysteries (Jodie Sweetin and Stephan Huszar) and The Dancing Detective (Lacey Chabert and Will Kemp) hitting Hallmark Movies and  Mysteries in May and June. 

But our friend John also has exciting projects in the works as well. He is in the final stages of writing a really cool script for Mystery Island and and also colaberating with his Mystery 101 partner, Kristoffer Polaha on a top secret new project. 

Can’t wait until he can share more details!

Wrap up

There was a lot of shock and grieving for the fanbase of Mystery 101, when the news of the cancellation slipped in what had to be a mistake by a social media manager comment. This podcast provides a lot of closure and healing for the fans that felt they were left with unanswered questions. 

John’s reading of the pitch script is pure magic. As he shares the final story of Amy and Travis, including the answer to the cliffhanger ending of Deadly History, I defy any fan not to have chills running up their spine. 

In addition to the great dynamics of Travis and Amy, the mystery of this episode is mind-blowingly amazing.

While we would have all loved to have seen this script produced, we feel this was the perfect ending to the series. 

The characters and stories of Mystery 101 we all came to love we created by John Christian Plummer. He gave them life. And it was very fitting for him to send the series to its conclusion.