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2023 Mystery Madness

Cover Art for several Hallmark mystery movies

It is March Mystery Madness Season!

Time to fill out your Mystery Madness Bracket and decide what is the best Hallmark Mystery of all time!

Between March 13th and 25th, we will be holding head-to-head matches pitting your favorite Hallmark mysteries, old and new, against each other until one remains!

Make sure to follow us on Instagram @hallmarkmysteriesandmore to cast your votes!

You can download your own bracket below!  Fill out your bracket, cast your votes, and let’s see what the best Hallmark mystery is!

Thanks to Benjamin Ayres and the amazing folks at Romance University, we are excited to give away a Kristoffer Polaha  Mystery 1o1 zip-up hoodie!

At the end of the tournament, one lucky person will be drawn randomly to win this awesome prize. 

The contest ends on 3/26. No entries past 3/25. Only one submission per email will be considered. 

2022 Contest Has Been Completed.

Enter to win a Mystery 101 Hoodie!

final mystery madness bracket